Projet Multilatéral GRUNDTVIG
Culture and European Citizenship for Employability

























Within the European community migrant workers often lack a good knowledge of the factors related to culture, citizenship and employability that they will have to deal with in their new country. More precisely, they may know litlle about how occupational sectors function , the drawbacks of some jobs and the expectations of employers. Their own preconceptions of social, political and cultural environments are frequently very far from the new reality they will have to cope with. In addition, some do not possess the basic vocabulary linked to the job they are seeking and are not able to manage their time in the working situation In this new context.

Two occupational sectors
The project focuses on the Cleaning and Building and Construction sectors as they are identified as facing recruitment difficulties, in particular among young people, and which often employ ( or are willing to employ) workers coming from other European countries . The materials and tools developed within the project could be further, transferred and adapted to other occupational fields and jobs.

One objective :
to prepare and facilitate the migration of workers between European countries or into the European Community , by providing the necessary knowledge in terms of new social codes and ways of life, legislation, employement law, the requirements and constraints of some occupational fields and companies of the « welcoming » country and the basic vocabulary to learn and use in order to work in the desired job.

The partnership will deliver a practical guide providing simple and easy- to- understand information, in the native language of each country involved , for the occupational fields targeted. This guide will be complemented by training tools that focus on the development of two specific key competences expected by « welcoming » countries: Time management in the workplace and basic vocabulary related to the jobs that participants are seeking.


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