The objective of the project is :

to increase the education levels of the workers who work at three sectors that exist intensively in the region. To achieve this objective, the workers at three sectors of which were indicated through the needs of the region will be trained in various levels.

Especially wood sector, construction sector and cleaning sector is selected because of there intensity in economic structure of the region.

The low level of the productivity of the workers in indicated sectors disables the competitiveness of the enterprise in the region. This states our starting point in the project. According to the previous researches of the project, it was confirmed that the education level of the workers who work at cleaning, wood working and construction sectors in the region (specially technical and communicative competences) was insufficient.

The labor force capacity will be increased in the frame of a specific curricula consisting human relations, job safety and basic computer educations to eliminate the deficiencies of the indicated sectors within the project

Also It was seen that the conscious level of job safety in each three sectors was insufficient according to the results of inquiries which were done by our university.
The project objectives to increase the laborforce capacity and competitiveness of these intensity sectors in the region by training the workers in indicated three sectors on the issue of job safety and health in addition to communication skills and basic computer education.